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Help, Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not listed here, please email it to us. We'll answer your question privately, and post a public response here if it sounds like something other people might ask.


Answers - General

What is DealWatcher.BIZ?
DealWatcher gives the busy deal shopper freedom from their browser! Using our patent pending "Personal Web Search Agent" technology, you can keep up on the latest Hot Deals posted in the top forums without having to spend hours watching your browser to get in on a deal before it expires. We've all been there, missing out on a deal just because we didn't see it in time. Now our "Personal Deal Search Agent" tool will crawl the hotest Hot Deal forums waiting for that deal, and send you an email when it appears! Or if you can't stand more email, you can use our personalized RSS feed, and turn off email notification entirely! And soon DW.BIZ will support more of your favorite deal sites. You'll never miss a deal again!

Your missing my favorite deal site! Can you add it?
Yes we can! Just send an email to support@dealwatcher.biz and we wil do our best to add your favorite site soon!

Who do I contact for help?
If you have a specific question that you feel should be directed to a particular staff member, the list of contacts can be found here.

Why should I join?
With a FREE account, you then have personal control of the deal searches you want to make! You can save as many searches as you want, and you will received email updates every 15 minutes to let you know a new deal matches your saved search! All this and many more options on the way.

Where can I read the User Agreement?
The DealWatcher.BIZ user agreement can be found here:

How do I join?
For more details, please see our How to Join page.

Why don't I receive the emails DealWatcher says were sent to me?
Some sites report email from DealWatcher.BIZ emails as SPAM, even though we require you to verify your email address before receiving mail from the site. First, be sure you have our email address set up to pass through your local SPAM filter. Messages are sent from "support@dealwatcher.biz". If you are still having problems, contact your ISP and inform them that you are losing emails due to their SPAM filtering and give them the DW.BIZ email address to allow it to pass through.

What can I do to help?
We expect to continue adding functionality to DealWatcher.BIZ as it becomes necessary. That's good news for you! As you find different options that would be nice to have you can pass them onto us to consider adding to the site.

How is content matched?
Our search robot matches your saved search term with the title of the posted forum topic. Our studies show this reduces the total number of emails you receive and gives you the highest probabiliy of a successfuly search match.

How can I delete a saved search?
When you log into DW.BIZ, your home page will be "My DealWatcher". There you can add and delete your saved search topics.

What characters are allowed in my search?
Your search must contain at least 3 letters, and can contain a "-" or a "_". By default a multiple word search requires ALL of the words in the title to match.

How can I add a wireless email address?
Once you are logged in, click on the "Change Preferences" link under "Actions" in the lower left hand corner of the DW.BIZ home page. From here you can update a wireless email address, change your timezone, or set mute times when you don't want DW.BIZ to notify you.

Where do you get these great deals?
Well, from users like you! We don't arrange, offer or even condone the deals you get emails for. They come from users who have posted on deal forums. We just direct you over to the forum in time to catch the deal before it is too late!

What if I don't want all these emails? Can I just get updates via RSS?
YES! Just change your preferences to "RSS only" and you won't get topic alerts in your email, but your personal RSS feed will still keep working.